SRBFC Public Benefit Organisation


PBO Exemption No.: 930041445

Salt River Blackpool gets PBO (Public Benefit Organisation) status. This means company sponsors/partners and businesses who give cash donations to SRBFC will be exempted from donations tax (claim tax back).

  1. It is confirmed that: –
    • Salt River Blackpool has been approved as a public benefit organisation in terms of section 30 of the Income Tax Act, (the Act) and the receipts and accruals are exempt from income tax in terms of section 10(1)(cN) of the Income Tax Act No 58 of 1962.
    • donations by or to the public benefit organisation are exempt from donations tax in terms of section 56(1)(h) of the aforementioned Act;
    • bequests or accruals from the estates of deceased persons in favour of the public benefit organisation are exempt from the payment of estate duty in terms of section 4(h) of the Estate Duty Act, 45 of 1955
  2. Kindly note that the relevant exemptions are subjected to the following conditions:
    • Annual returns of income and accounts (IT 12 EI), be submitted to the Tax Exemption Unite.
    • The public benefit organisation must, formally amend the founding document to comply with the provisions of section 30 of the Act within a period of 12 months from the date hereof.

PBO Exemption No.: 930041445

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