Abrahams – Derby day adds extra motivation, passion & commitment


Head Coach Waleed Abrahams on the draw to Crystal Palace and today’s big derby encounter with ASD.

  • Team’s overall performance in the 1-1 draw to Crystal Palace…

I think the weather was perfect, conditions were good. Both teams never really adapted to [the pouring rain]. In football you have to adapt to these condition as both teams play on the same field, and faced with the same conditions so the team that uses it to their advantage normally walks away with 3points. I don’t think it affected play. We couldn’t get our passing game going and the general game play from both teams was scrappy but as the game went on both teams played well. I supposed a draw is a true reflection of the game.

  • scoring early & the frustration of conceding a penalty late on…

It seems like we make a habit of scoring early then we stop playing, which shows we lack concentration at key periods of the game and everyone is working hard to rectify those mistakes. I didn’t think it was a penalty as the player put he’s head by the ball but credit to Palace for applying the pressure and taking their chance.

  • SRBFC playing their first derby today against ASD. What’s the feeling amongst the squad this week?

The feeling amongst everyone is really good and the players are “jacked up”.
Training was good, we have a couple of injuries but most of the squad should be available for tomorrow’s derby day. Everyone is working hard and derby day adds extra motivation, passion and commitment to the occasion. For many of the boys it means so much and you can see it in the way everyone trains, how focused they are and the support they have for one another not just as footballers but young adults.

  • The ASD derby is a fixture SRBFC were looking forward to playing this season. It came earlier than originally scheduled, both SRBFC and ASD are looking for their first win. Would you have preferred to have played this fixture later on in the season?

In all honesty I wouldn’t mind playing any team [at any time] but the derby day came early and I guess u have to beat the d-day to be the best. I’m glad it came now..It’s a good test for our boys and I’m confident…we are up for the challenge. We still preparing for every game one week at a time. Derby games normally don’t get the best results, the games are tight and teams defend well so I expect a close encounter tomorrow!

The feeling amongst [the team] is really good and the players are “jacked up“.

- Waleed Abrahams

  • It’s early days as the league is only at its 3rd fixture. SRBFC has gained 2 points off 2 games from FC Tygerberg & Crystal Palace. ASD are yet to get a point but they have played Ajax in their opening game & their 2nd match was abandoned due to bad weather

ASD are a quality football team [and when it comes to] derby matches previous results don’t mean much. Form goes out by the window and players generally perform well…it’s going to be a tight game. I don’t read much into their results as ASD will have prepared well. Our results are behind us and maybe I feel we could’ve or should’ve won [our last two league matches] but we didn’t..that’s football, it’s about luck and if u don’t take the chances or create your luck football bites you on the ankle. For now we focus on what lies ahead and make sure we start picking up points. We have a couple of injuries but most of the squad should be available for tomorrow’s derby day! Everyone is working hard and derby day adds extra motivation, passion & commitment to the occasion. For us as a group it’s important we pick up points to keep in touch with the other teams as it will be a major boost for everyone.

  • Fortuin, Mamba & Thando featured regularly in the SRB-ASD team last season, do you think their experience is vital to this fixture?
Yes they form a vital part of the team and provide different elements to the game. Mamba is very aggressive and a robust player but how we manage him is important. Fortuin has changed he’s style of play since I last saw him and is quality as we all know. He adds steel and experience to the midfield…allows us to slow the game down and dictate the tempo of the game. Thando…Eish! The most consistent player I have seen for a long time. I’ve watched him since last year and he’s a coaches dream to have as part of the squad. A great kid..works hard..and gets the job done.Good reader of the game and his ball distribution is second to none in this league. One to watch for the future.
  • Noer Lewis has been at ASD for 4 years before joining SRBFC this season. He featured a few times for SRB-ASD last season – will he be in the squad? How would you rate his ability.
Noer has been doing really well at training. He’s a good boy and has been working very hard the last few weeks. I think he brings something different to the game. He can be direct and is very skillful…who knows he mite surprise a few people the weekend. He’s definitely in the squad!
  • Any injuries this week?

Lele is out with a shoulder injury so is Terence with an eye injury. Athini will have a fitness test before we start but apart from that we have a fresh bill of health.

N | Sat 23rd Nov 16.00 | ASD - SRBFC | SAFA 2nd Division

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